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Life can be cluttered and chaotic. We experience all sorts of thoughts and feelings on a daily basis and we often focus on the negative more than the positive.

Inward Adventures believes that the outdoor environment can provide amazing challenges that allow people to experience positive thoughts and emotions.

There is a lot of evidence which supports the idea that being outdoors has a huge range of benefits for our both our physical and mental health as well as giving us the opportunity to explore, learn and develop as individuals and in teams. 

Our beliefs and knowledge haven’t just come about through study alone. It has come through a mass of personal experience, which continues to develop and evolve.

It is our belief that the outdoors and Adventure can provide us with opportunities to experience the natural world, be relaxed, be healthier, be empowered, overcome barriers in our lives, learn new skills and learn about ourselves and to achieve amazing things!

For a moment, wonder about one thing you would change in your life right now. I wonder what that is? If you changed it what would happen? By being the Adventure you could make that change and be so much more than you already are!

Come and be the Adventure...

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Our story began through conflict, injury and rehabilitation

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You are the Adventure, and these are ways you can experience and develop it in the outdoors

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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.
Tip toe if you must.
But take the step.
Naeem Callaway