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Inward Adventures

You are the Adventure

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu.

Welcome to Inward Adventures. Here, You are the Adventure. 

We use the outdoor environment, Adventurous activities and nature to facilitate learning and development of practical outdoor skills, as well as exploring and developing you as a person or as team.

We design and deliver courses and Adventures, through which, you can learn and develop practical skills and your knowledge of a range of outdoor activities, while learning and exploring your thoughts, your emotions and your mindset.

All our courses and Adventures are accessible to everyone, regardless physical or mental limitations and any perceived barriers. 

How often do you ever consider yourself? I wonder, How is the world for you right now?

Do you want to learn a new skill? Be Happier? Be Healthier? More than you already are?

Can you recognise the confines of your comfort?

I Wonder if you can recognise, you're already on a journey of a thousand miles, you have already taken the one step. 

Now, can we explore together and maybe add a bit of Adventure? 

Come on in, take a look around and ask any questions you may have. Now, come and be the Adventure.

Our story began through conflict, injury and rehabilitation

Who we are

Our values, experiences and knowledge have created Inward Adventures

What we do

Explore opportunities to BE THE ADVENTURE 


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A blog full of ideas, guidance, opportunity and thoughts we would like to share

Adventure Blog

What people are saying.
The Bronze National Navigation Award has been and invaluable addition to my outdoor learning.
I could read a map before the course but there was lots of useful tips that I had forgotten and now my future walks will be even better.
Danny is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend his course, its a great chance to learn the basics and form a solid foundation for outdoor navigation. I can't wait to do my silver award!

Robin, National Navigation Award (Bronze) Course
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