Our logo, values and vision

'It's not the mountain we conquer - but ourselves'.

Sir Edmund Hillary 


We have a set of values and a vision which steer us to ensure we are always doing the very best we can. 

Our logo encompasses these values and our vision


Our Logo

Inward Adventures

The Green Puzzle Piece

A link back to a life as a Royal Marines Commando. The Coveted Green Beret, which is earned through hard work and the application of a set of values and an ethos to create a dedicated and professional individual. The Commando spirit learnt from the Royal Marines remain central to Inward Adventures’ own values and vision, and together guides our work in supporting your Adventure.

The Blue Puzzle Piece

Different colours can mean different things to people. In our model of the world blue is a cool and relaxed colour. 

The blue puzzle piece is included to represent the calm and relaxed spaces we can experience during an adventure, be it enjoying the amazing views from the top of a hill to floating peacefully on a calm gentle river, being mindful and enjoying the experience with relaxed people and staff.

The Orange Puzzle Piece

In our model of the world this colour represents ideas such as the high energy emotions we can feel during our adventure, such as excitement or adrenaline. It also can remind us of warmth and comfort and safety when we spend time with others in amazing places having amazing Adventures.

The Globe

Particular the Eastern hemisphere is again a link back to the cap badge of the Royal Marines. Inward Adventures included this in the logo as inspiration for locations for Adventures! Adventure can be found anywhere you chose to have one from the deepest ocean to the highest mountain to your own back yard, you choose to be the adventure anywhere in the world!

The River and the Mountains

Rivers and mountains can often be seen as metaphors to represent the journeys, challenges, and achievements we can all experience.

Your Adventures could provide exciting challenges, reflective moments, powerful lessons and amazing achievements! We can enjoy these spaces and times together in a mixture of terrain and environments, safe and supported.

The Fire

Since it was first created a fire has been a symbol of safety, warmth, meeting and sharing. A fire place has been used to meet and greet, share stories and tales and invest in each others time and development. We aim to create a space and environment which is as safe and supportive as possible and to focus on supporting your time and development so you can go on and share amazing stories! Be the story with us.

The Red Puzzle Piece and the strap line, “You Are The Adventure”!

This piece is to represent you. To us the red represents some of the negative emotions we can experience when we feel overwhelmed by things. I wonder what colour you would choose to represent this? The last piece and our strap line go together, Inward Adventures can’t sell you anything because you are the product. You are the product of all of your own experiences right up to this moment, you have travelled a journey no one can ever judge and you have been on an adventure since your very first day. What we can offer you is to come and experience your adventure and learn things about yourself and others, which you can then take back and apply to your other challenges. Red can be high level energy and it can also be powerful, something you can be even more of! You are the adventure so come and be it in the amazing places we can take you to in the outdoors. Learn with us, develop with us and lets all be an amazing adventure together! 

Our Values


Inward Adventures always strives to do the very best it can do for everyone we come in to contact with, be it the end user, an employer, an organisation or company, we will do our everything in our power to ensue what we deliver and how we deliver it, is the very best we can. We will seek and take feedback and act upon it, learn from our mistakes and always aim to learn and develop so everything we do is the very highest of standards, both industry and personal.


Inward Adventures will always be honest, we will be open with our ability and how and why we do things. We will seek to ensure clear and appropriate communication throughout and we will tell you if something is wrong, outside our ability or if we need to learn something before we can move forward. 

Self - Discipline

There are always easy options, conversations we would rather not have, or lessons which may be seem tough to learn. We will strive to stay on the right path, assess all the options and take the most useful. We will have the difficult conversations and learn the tough lessons to be the very best we can be to support you to be the very best you can be.


Everyone we meet has a model of the world and we fully understand it may be different to our own.We will respect the rights, ideas, opinions, abilities and models of the world we come in to contact with and aim to encompass, include and support everyone regardless. 


We are all confronted with times where we are put under pressure and feel out of our depth. Inward Adventures will always acknowledge this and maintain an intention to do what is right for everyone. We will work hard, face fears and support you in facing and overcoming your own. We believe we are all stronger than we let ourselves believe.


Inward Adventures will always work to ensure we get the job done to the very best of our ability, on time no matter what. We will not give up on you and we ask you do not give up on us.


Inward Adventures will always put you and your needs first and foremost, we will never ask you to do something we would not do ourselves first. We will alway support you first. We put self last.


We will strive hard to ensure you have an amazing time, we will support you with people who are knowledgeable and who have a massive amount of passion for what they do, where and how they do it. We love what we do and so by loving what we do we know we create an atmosphere which will allow you to love what you do! 

Our Vision

We are all better than we think we are if only we allowed ourselves to believe it. By creating meaningful opportunities to experience Adventure through outdoor activities, to learn and develop ourselves to recognise our real potential.

Inward Adventures’ vision is to support people in to becoming the very best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. Using outdoor and Adventurous activities to create opportunities to learn about ourselves while in an exciting and challenging environment. The lessons we learn while outdoors can be understood and applied to our day to day lives so we feel more connected with ourselves and others around us. We feel empowered to overcome challenges and emotions we may face and so we are more motivated to learn and explore the world around us by having more and more Adventures!