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Night Navigation workshop

Having the ability to navigate in daylight or during good weather is a fantastic skill to have! 

Just for a moment wonder, what if you want to get out in the winter when the days are shorter and you may be out when the sun goes down, or you want to start your day in the dark?

What if you experience poor weather or the visibility is reduced due to rain, snow, mist or fog?

A night navigation workshop is a fantastic way to build your confidence and develop your skill set and recognise your amazing abilities.

The workshop takes place on Dartmoor and will allow you to put your current navigation skill set to the test, while learning and developing your ability and confidence, opening the door to more awesome Adventures.

The workshop uses the darkness to recreate poor visibility which we can experience in poor weather or simply to navigate if our Adventure includes walking in to, through, or out of the night time. 

We will cover,

  • Planning and preparation for night time / poor weather navigation.

  • Develop and use your understanding of timings and pacing to aid in navigation.

  • Navigation tactics and methods to aid in navigating your route.

  • Develop your experience and understanding of how the hills and moorland can look, sound and feel in the dark or in poor visibility.

  • Develop your ability to apply your senses when navigating in the dark or in poor visibility. 

  • Establishing and navigating to an area of safety should the conditions be to poor. 

This night navigation workshop is a fantastic progression for someone who already has a reasonable level of navigation skills and experience.

If you would like to develop your grass roots skills first please have a look at our other navigation courses.  

18:30 - 22:00
Dartmoor National Park
£25 per person
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