Silver National Navigation Award Training and Assessment Course

The Silver National Navigation Award Course will give you the skills to take your Adventure off the beaten track to explore further afield. 

You do need some experience and should be already compotent in the use of a map.

You will recive a certificate upon succsseful completion of this course.


We can create a course for you if you have a group of 4 or more. Please contact us to disucss this.

Silver National Navigation Award Training and Assessment Course

  • We ask you are to bring some clothing and equipment to ensure you are safe and comfortable over the duration of the course.

    Please bring the following equipment,

    • Rucksack suitable for a day walking on Dartmoor.
    • Warm layer(s) - fleece, jumper, jacket.
    • Warm hat and gloves.
    • Waterproof jacket and trousers.
    • Flask.
    • At least one litre of water.
    • Food and snacks for a day on Dartmoor.
    • A 1:25,000 map of Dartmoor, if you have one (OL28).
    • A Silva type compass, if you have one.

    Please wear clothing and footwear which is suitable for a day walk on Dartmoor. The weather can be vary rapidly and it can be very unforgiving. The terrain is undulating, uneven underfoot and can be wet, marshy, and / or slippery, even when the weather is dry. Please consider this when choosing footwear for the course.

    If you have any questions about kit and clothing please contact us.