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All Adventures start somewhere...

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Conflict, combat and a mental health condition led to the realisation that the outdoors is a way to reflect, relax and recover. Everyone has an amazing story to tell and this is the story of how Inward Adventures came to be.

Conflict, combat and a mental health condition.

Daniel served as a Royal Marines Commando. During his time he was deployed on two operational tours of Afghanistan. During both tours Daniel was involved in multiple combat actions and kinetic tasks. One task saw two team mates and close friends killed in-front of him and this led to him being diagnosed with a mental health condition called complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Adventure Therapy and inspiration to develop.

After being diagnosed with PTSD Daniel found a place on a month long, military expedition to the Himalayers. The aim of the expedition was to support the recovery and rehabilitation of injured Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel from the Afghanistan conflict.

Daniel was part of a team that trekked to Mount Everest base camp and then focused on developing skills and experience in high altitude mountain climbing. Unfortunately, on the morning of a summit attempt of Mount Lobuche, Daniel was suffering from altitude sickness and had to descend to a lower altitude to recover.

Once recovered, Daniel linked up with another team from the expedition and trekked in to the village of Khumjung. He built a cairn in remembrance to his two fallen team mates and spent a couple of days reflecting on his time in the Royal Marines and the situation which had brought him to that point.

He realised that the expedition he was on had allowed him to process a little of what had happened, and had given him some respite from the debilitating symptoms he was suffering due to the mental health condition he was suffering. Daniel quickly learnt that being in the Himalayas was giving him the opportunity to reflect, relax and recover a little.

Daniel found the outdoors to be a very powerful vehicle to rehabilitation and made the decision to focus his energy towards creating opportunities to support others in their own recovery, development and learning.

Upon return to the UK Daniel focused his efforts in to gaining a range of coaching, teaching and outdoor qualifications. Something which he continues to do to this day.

Inward Adventures becomes the Adventure.

After Daniel was medically discharged Daniel had a number of different jobs including becoming a teacher for a school in Plymouth. He set up and delivered the Duke of Edinburgh's award for the school. Unfortunately the busy school environment took its toll and had a huge impact on his ongoing mental health condition so it was time to move on.

Daniel had wrangled his way through various jobs and after leaving the school he decided to work for himself. He was already receiving occasional freelance work and had registered as a sole trader, and so this led to him making the decision of creating Inward Adventures. in 2015 he made the leap and set up Inward Adventures.

Inward Adventures is now dedicated to supporting people learn about themselves, develop their skills in the outdoors to be safe and enjoy the natural environment while looking after it.

You can read more about our values, ethos here alternatively you can learn more about what we do here

Today Daniel continues to develop his ability to support people in the realisation that they are better than what they allow themselves to be. He refuses to be categorised by his mental health condition, and while he still suffers from its symptoms, he strives to do the very best he can to support peoples development through the use of the outdoors.

To conclude.

We all have a story to tell and this is a shortened version of how Inward Adventures came to be. From diagnosis of complex PTSD, through Adventure and the realisation that life is what we chose it to be, to the continued journey to better himself and support others to do the same. You are the Adventure.

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