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Night Navigation Adventure

You've got some experience walking and navigating, maybe you've experienced navigating in poor weather or low visibility and want to develop your confidence or work on what you've already learnt. 

Maybe you have already dabbled in walking at night or attended one of our night navigation workshops, and your looking for some more supported experience before your next Adventure. Our night navigation Adventure could be the key to unlocking your next Adventure. 

A night navigation Adventure is designed to support you in further developing your navigation skills and confidence to safely and efficiently navigate across challenging terrain in poor visibility or in darkness.

This Adventure fully empowers you in your own development. You will have the support of a qualified Mountain Leader who you can ask and discuss your questions with, and who may ask you questions to explore your thought process and decision making, and who can provide advice, guidance and feedback, where you want it. All to help explore and develop your current skillset.

Before the Adventure we will ask you what you want to achieve, what are your goals and discuss with you what your skill level is already like. Working with you and the information you give us, we will aim to create a night which will provide you with the opportunities to achieve your goals. 

This Adventure can also be tailored to supported a peer led group of friends or colleagues if you are preparing for a charity walk or event like an Adventure race. Alternatively, it can take the form of an assessment style session similar to an assessment course you may be preparing for. 

This Adventure is perfect for anyone looking to develop their skills for a number of things such as Hill and Moorland Leader or Mountain Leader training or assessments. Its also great for refreshing personal navigation skills, develop logbook experience or to prepare for a competition or event. Its also fantastic for simply getting out and exploring the amazing moorland at night while taking your navigation to another level. 

If you are looking for a starting point before taking the step towards this Adventure, take a look at out Night Navigation Workshop. 

If you can not find a date to suit or want to to arrange your own Adventure for yourself or a group please contact us.

18:30 - 22:00
Dartmoor National Park
£25 per person
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