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Mindful Walking

When you think of the word mindfulness, what do you think about? Is it sitting still for long periods of time and thinking about nothing? What would you think if you knew there are many ways and benefits to other methods of mindfulness, including mindful walking techniques.


Mindful walking provides an opportunity to learn how to calm and quieten a busy mind whilst benefiting from the practical activity of walking through some beautiful locations.


During this Adventure, we will share techniques and opportunities to learn and develop mindful walking techniques which allow you to relax, re-energise and reconnect with nature and with yourself. We will explore the external physical world and our own internal worlds and you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy beautiful vistas, be in your own space as well as write in journals and hold positive conversations if you choose to.

If you already have a mindful practice or if you are looking at starting a journey to be more reflective and mindful then a mindful walking Adventure is a great place to start.

09:00 - 16:30
Dartmoor National Park
£50 per person
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