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Meets, Moots and Adventure Groups

We live on a planet with nearly 8 billion other people! The UK population is close to 7 million people!

With so many people living under the same roof we should be able to learn to be kind, considerate and supportive of our neighbours. 

We run regular meets and groups were people can, for a small fee, drop in, participate in an activity, meet new people and friends, relax and enjoy each others company and support, all while learning and developing skills and experience to learn more about themselves.

The benefits to participating in regular activity along with social interaction is widely recognised and is extremely good for all of us.

Inward Adventures runs the following groups and it would be great to see you come along, met us and new people, or bring a friend or two, and take part in some brilliant activities.

  • Indoor climbing meets - These are run at a number of venues and are relaxed, supported sessions where you can drop in, climb a couple of routes, meet new people and reap the benefits that indoor climbing has to offer. Meets take place on a monthly basis.

  • Seasonal woodland moots - These are small group events and booking will be required. These moots take place in our little woodland in South Devon and will be relaxed, welcoming and supported with a range of bushcraft type activities and sessions designed to welcome and celebrate the changing seasons. 

  • A walk and a talk - We meet at a number of locations across Dartmoor and venture out on to the beautiful moorland for a gentle walk during which you can meet new people, share stories and benefit from being outdoors, in fresh air and actively walking. 

If you are interested in any of the above activities and would like more information then you can either

contact us, or see our events lists on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, links to all social media are available below. 

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