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Introduction to Letteboxing

Letterboxing is a hobby which many people participate in as individuals, groups of friends or as families.
It is often compare to a treasure hunt, and it requires participants to use skills including navigation skills, such as compass bearings, grid references and pacing, along with clues, which can be found in a catalogue of clues. If successful participants will find a container which holds a rubber stamp and a logbook.
Once found participants will collect the stamp in a book and leave a record of their visit in the logbook.

The origins of letterboxing on Dartmoor date as far back as 1854 when James Perrott established the first letterbox at Cranmere Pool and it has developed since then to a huge following with participants from all over the world visiting Dartmoor to take part. Participants will not just discover the boxes with a rubber stamp and logbook inside, but will also discover many secrets and facts about Dartmoor National Park.

This one day course provides an introduction to the hobby and will cover,
  • History of the hobby.
  • Language and abbreviations used in the hobby.
  • A guide to the items and equipment you may need to take part.​
  • Planning a letterbox hunt.
  • Etiquette and considerations.
  • How to use the catalogue of clues.
  • Navigation skills useful for the hobby.
  • A practical search for a letterbox to get your first stamp.
If you love walking on Dartmoor, you have a reasonably good level of navigation and your open to exploring parts of the moor in ways you may not on a normal walk, then consider your new hobby of letterboxing.
09:00 - 16:30
Dartmoor National Park
£50 per person
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