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Introduction to Navigation

The ability to navigate using a map and compass can open so many doors!

It allows us to get out and really explore places, gain confidence to get off the track we always use, find and experience new places.

The skills to use a map and compass, and have the ability to use them is also becoming a bit of a lost art; we can become so reliant on phones and GPS. When the weather turns bad, when our phone or GPS battery dies, or when Google maps simply doesn’t show us the way anymore, having a map and a compass and the skills to use them can get us back to the car, or the pub, safely. 

This workshop is perfect wether you have no experience or if you are keen to get outside and would like to develop your skills to allow you to explore more.


During the workshop we will develop and practise lots of practical skills over the course of a day on Dartmoor, which you can use to get outdoors, explore your world with confidence, be safe and have fun doing it!


We wil cover ,

  • A general overview of a compass, maps and technology.

  • Orientating a map using a compass and using the ground.

  • Measuring and working out distances.

  • Taking and walking on a bearing.

  • Techniques and skills for making your journey easy and efficient.

  • Grid references.

  • Kit and equipment.

  • Emergency procedures and considerations.

  • Planning a route and considerations.

Did you know;

  • According to Lake District mountain rescue teams, the number of call outs received over 5 years (2012 - 2017) had increased by 50% due to people relying on mobile phones to navigate and having no map and compass with them when the phone’s battery had died.

  • Scottish Mountain rescue rates 'navigation error' as its second highest, and 'lost persons' as its third highest contributing factor for call outs with slips and trips being number one (Jan 2022).

Do you want to formalise your skills and gain an accredited qualification to evidence your ability?

Take a look at our National Navigation Award Courses.

09:00 - 16:00
Dartmoor National Park
£25 per person
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