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Mindful and Wellbeing Retreats

Since the beginning  of human existence we have had a relationship with nature and being outdoors.

As we have developed we have learnt and grown to be a more urban culture. We are more and more reliant on technology and it has had a huge impact on how we behave, interact and communicate with each other.

We are driven by speed and want everything immediately, fast food, next day delivery, instant messaging, click and collect, even adverts are using the concepts such as people becoming distant from each other, spending too much time indoors or too much time on their phones to advertise things like windows, gym memberships and audiobooks.

Social media has become our window on to our world with fake news and propaganda creating paranoia, distrust and divides between people.

How we perceive ourselves and others by creating smiling faces and staged lifestyles now mask genuine issues or taboo subjects, many feel unable to discuss.

Do you really know yourself, or are you your social media self? Can you truly relax and disconnect? 

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I can’t wait for the weekend” and when that weekend arrives do you really make it count?

When Monday comes around, what do you think or feel? Do you really know how to relax? When was the last time you spent some quality time on you?

A mindful and wellbeing retreat embraces elements of a Digital Detox Day and enhances it with opportunities to learn practical outdoor skills and mindful practices to really reconnect to yourself, relax, and just be in a safe, welcoming beautiful woodland environment. 

We will cater for you and provide a nurturing, gentle blend of practical activities, peaceful relaxation and healthy, nutritional food, which is sourced sustainable and locally.

If you were to relax on a mindful weekend with us, I know that you know the benefits you would gain.

Can you put them in to practice yet? Develop them further, right now.

2 days, 1 nights
South Devon.
Location and directions sent upon booking
£220 Per person
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