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Digital Detox Day

Just for a moment, I wonder if you wonder what, how much time you spend looking at screens each day.

Do you recognise how you are viewing this page now, is it on a computer, on your phone, maybe your tablet?

What if you wonder, about how disengaged you are from nature and the outdoors, what would it feel like to completely relax, listen to the birds and feel a gently breeze and sunlight on your face. Smells of the earth and flowers.

If you could tell me the benefits of being outside and without our everyday technology, what would you tell me? What would you learn about yourself? How would you be different after?

Our Digital Detox Day creates a welcoming and relaxing space with opportunity to disconnect from the reliance and energy of our technology and reconnect both with nature and yourself. 

How connected to your technology are you? If you were to be without it, just for one day, what would that be like? Could you do it? Would that be a challenge?

If you believe you couldn’t be without your phone maybe its time to push yourself now, come and join us for a Digital Detox Adventure.

Unplugging from our technologically driven lives is sometimes a big challenge. We are surrounded by it, bombarded by it, and simply leaving it in another room isn’t enough. 

By truly experiencing a space and energy in a beautiful setting such as our small woodland allows us to really plug-in to the life we are missing out. 

A Digital Detox day focuses on discovering and re-discovering skills which nourish both body and mind. Through practical and mindful activities to really embrace and tune in to the natural world around us as well as relax and refocus on our values and things which are important to us to move forward in the world. 

You are an amazing person, and through the benefits of re-connecting to yourself through the disconnection from your technology you can be even more than what you allow yourself to be, right now. 

09.00 - 16.00
South Devon.
Location and directions sent upon booking
£120 Per Person
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