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Indoor Climbing Adventure

What does climbing mean to you?

Some may think that you must reach the top of the climb to achieve something. Too a lot of climbers, reaching the top can be a huge undertaking and may take a long time to achieved. Along the way they will learn many things, undertake many challenges and go through many changes.

Like many situations in our lives, it can take multiple attempts, require some changes, and for us to learn and reflect before we achieve what we want to achieve. 

Our climbing Adventure is all about you setting your own goals, moving at your own pace, learning what you want to learn and achieving what you want to achieve. 

You may have just completed the introduction course and now you want to spend more time developing your new skills. It may be you want to use climbing to get fitter, or it may be you want to find a way to relax after a stressful day. What ever you goal or goals are our climbing Adventure could be just the answer.

We run regular sessions, meeting in one of a number of indoor climbing venues, so it never matters about the weather and it is great to gain experience in different venues. We can either run a session as a 1 to 1 or as a group and so you may even find a new climbing partner to progress on to even bigger and better climbing Adventures!

If you want for a starting point beef taking the step towards this Adventure, take a look at our introduction to indoor climbing.

If you can not find a date to suit you or want to arrange your own Adventure for yourself or a group please contact us.

10:00 - 13:00
Dyno Climbing Centre.
Plymouth Life Centre.
£20 per person.
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