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Adventure Therapy Programs

Adventure Therapy is an umbrella phrase used by many to describe the use of the outdoors and outdoor activities to support and explore an number of things.

The terms Adventure therapy and wilderness therapy have roots back to the 1960s and the USA, where outward bound organisations worked with young people, in the outdoors, to address behaviour and mental health issues.  

Adventurous activities, and the natural environment, is a fantastic vehicle to support us in rehabilitation processes, exploring and addressing limitations mindsets and behaviours and exploring the way we see ourselves, our world and our values.

It is easy to be put off by the word 'therapy' as the word has links to something clinical or puts us in to a pigeonhole, creating a stigma that something is not right.


We are all different and yet we share similarities, we all have our own views, needs and beliefs and yet these can be similar to each other too.

Our Adventure Therapy programs are like you, they are individual.


We work with you and any supporting individuals or organisations you want us to work with, to bespoke the program to best suit your goals, needs and wishes. We put in a lot of time and energy to design and develop the program and to make sure you get the very best and the most from the program. 

The program will be designed and delivered by staff who are qualified and experienced in what they deliver. From coaching qualifications to outdoor qualifications, we will make sure you are fully supported and safe to the very best of our ability.

Our Adventure Therapy Program is delivered through a phased approach.

  • Initial assessment: We will meet with you and any supporting individuals or orrginasations to carry out an initial assessment. We use a variety of recognised, well researched and well known assessments methods to build a comprehensive picture. Our intention with this phase to get to know you and you to get to know us. We will also establish all the goals, outcomes, needs and wishes you may have. The big picture allows us to complete the next phase fully and correctly.

  • Program design: We will continue to work with you as we design the program to suit everything that has been identified in the initial assessment phase. We will maintain communication, discuss the activities we prepose and confirm the program with you.

  • Program delivery: The program is delivered over a duration we will have agreed. The program can take many forms and will contain a range of activities and tasks. Some may be challenging to the participant and these will be designed to be so. Change and achievement can be tough at times and may require us to overcome barriers, address mindsets, behaviours or perceived limitations to really achieve the final outcome, the goal and to have a lasting impact.

  • Summative assessment: At the end of the program we will work with you and assess the impact of the program. We will discuss what you have achieved and revisit a number of the assessment methods used in the initial assessment phase to work out what and how things have changed. 

  • Ongoing and future support: The program may end but our support will continue for as long as you want it to. We will always be here for you and ready to further support you in exploring and developing what you have learnt and discovered, from a simple phone conversation to meeting in person for an outdoor session to attending courses or Adventures, we will support you as far in to the future as you need us to and to make sure what you have learnt and discovered serves you.

Because these programs are bespoke to suit individuals there is no set cost, location or dates and times.

The next step would be to contact us and discuss your thoughts, ask any questions and begin your journey to amazing Adventures! 

Get in touch with us, later, or right now and lets explore.

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